Biometric Solutions - False Acceptance Rate Diagram


In our security conscious world, biometric solutions have a great many advantages. While GalvanEyes is focused on Iris based authentication, we also recognize that every clients needs are unique we have the ability to bring the appropriate biometric modality as part of your solution. In addition to IRIS, we have experience with other biometric modalities including:


Human beings are hard-wired to compare faces so it’s easy for us to understand the capability of human and machine based facial recognition.

May features make an individual face unique including the distance between the eyes, cheekbones, jaw line, chin, width of nose and shape of mouth among others. The quality of facial recognition depends on a number of factors, including lighting conditions, facial expression, image resolution,  and whether the subject is wearing sunglasses or not.

Although significantly less accurate than IRIS,  integration with smartphones as established its wide acceptance by end users as a convenient and non-invasive method of verification.


Fingerprint uniqueness is determined by the patterns made by the ridges and furrows such as arch, whorl and loop. The finger ridge configurations remain consistent throughout life and are unique to each individual. Even twins have different patterns.

Fingerprint recognition is the oldest and most popular biometric modality. It’s been used successfully across a wide range of different industries for decades. Many security systems rely on the fingerprint modality for access control. It’s also commonly used for governmental applications such as passport/visa issuance, law enforcement and forensic purposes.


Voice biometrics use an individual’s speech patterns including pitch and cadence for identification. This is the only biometric modality that can be used over the phone and it can be combined with other forms of verification like spoken passwords for an extra level of security. Voice biometrics are commonly used in call centers and banking applications for faster authentication.