GalvanEyes Biometric partners with Axiom Bank, N.A. to deliver Banking as a Service Solutions for Financial Institutions

Axiom Bank biometric

Orlando, FL – October 10th, 2022 – GalvanEyes Biometric is pleased to announce its collaboration with Florida-based Axiom Bank, N. A. to expand and accelerate the adoption of biometric authentication in both the consumer and enterprise sectors. Both companies are believers in biometrics, and GalvanEyes is working with Axiom Bank to deploy a custom biometric device to enable touchless, highly-secure authentication technology for the Financial Services industry. The effort will streamline the authentication process while increasing the security associated with financial transactions.

“Our goal is to inspire and empower others to collectively work with, develop, and deploy biometrics to the Financial Industry – a future that is grounded in trust and innovation,” said Allen Ibaugh, President/CEO, GalvanEyes. “With this partnership, we demonstrate a commitment to delivering the safest and most comprehensive set of authentication technology. We look forward to working with Axiom Bank to further empower their customers and staff with financial solutions to make every day better.”

John Zazzera, Chief Operating Officer at Axiom Bank, commented: “Partnering with GalvanEyes reinforces Axiom Bank’s focus on the future of better banking. Biometric technologies provide enhanced security that better protects our customers’ money, financial information, and identity.”

“This collaboration reflects the next step in both companies’ shared commitment to industry-leading security through a touchless environment” said Mike Coyne, Axiom Bank EVP and Chief Information Officer. “Axiom Banking strategy has always focused on delivering the most cutting-edge technology and secure authentication for staff and customers. We are thrilled to work with GalvanEyes to help expand and scale the adoption of biometric authentication at Axiom Bank and across the entire industry.”

About GalvanEyes Biometric

GalvanEyes specializes in creating and deploying authentication solutions to help clients secure their worlds, optimize their workload, and organize their data through customized Biometric solutions. Its experience as a solutions provider in multiple information technology-related industries dates back to 2004; and our experience over this time provides GalvanEyes a strong reputation of providing strategy, product development, marketing, sales, and distribution proficiency to biometric identity authentication solutions.

The strength of GalvanEyes is our people and their ideas. Our clients come to us for solutions to solve their security and software challenges. Our staff understands technology like no other firm. Through the years, we have built an interdisciplinary team who are experts in their fields and cross-trained for responsiveness and adaptability.

About Axiom Bank

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